I ate this evening at Wings N Things in San Diego, CA.  I give them a 7 out of 10 overall. They have about 8 flavors of wings and you can get multiple favors in one order.  Tonight I had their “Hot” and “Garlic Hot” and I dipped each wing in their ranch sauce.  Both flavors were very tasty and keep my taste buds busy during the whole experience.  In regards to “heat”, I would give each flavor about a 6.5 to 7 on a 10 scale.  The ranch dip was a normal ranch that does not take away from the flavor nor add to the experience.   I tried their seasoned fries as my side.  The fries were “just OK.”  I prefer my fries more on the crispy side and these were a bit undercooked for my liking.  This restaurant has a simple theme.  You order at a counter and then they deliver your order in about 10-15 minutes to your table.  They serve draft beer, bottle beer and have a self-serve soda machine.  The tables and seating is plain with views to Flat Screen TV’s throughout.  All the TV’s were playing sporting events. The staff was friendly and inviting.  I DO recommend trying a Wings N Things when visiting San Diego, CA.